Not much today, went in to work early and fortunately ran into no issues. There were no extra calls for problems today, unlike yesterday. I cannot and will not get into the details, but long story short, ended my work day at 11am instead of 2pm for the weekend. I came home, watched about an hour of CES(Consumer Electronics Show) that had been recorded earlier this month. I then fell asleep for about 5 hours until my wife arrived home from work and the grocery store. Now we have Pepsi, but no ice.

Anyway, I am wide awake now and would like to share a couple of links to pages that others might enjoy. I am sick and tired of LOLcats all over the internet, but maybe you aren't, so here is a link to an index of the pics from those sites;

Cats, Cats, and some Cats!

You can click on either 2007 or 2008 and click on their sub-folders to get to the pictures.

Another site I would like to share is something I have been using for several months now. The site is called swaptree and it allows you to list any of your dvd's, cd's, books, or games that you no longer use or want and trade them for something someone else has that you want. All you pay for are shipping costs. You do not have to register a credit card with them, but it saves time to easily print a shipping label directly from their website at less than $3 and item. Try it out;


I guess that is all for now, I have a load of pages that I would like to share later.



You probably will not see much here too frequently, but maybe I will eventually get on a regular blogging schedule. I look forward to seeing what pours out.
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