Using symbols not found on keyboard

I wanted to reply to a FB post with a temperature, but also wanted to include the "degrees" symbol. I noticed that it was not to be found anywhere on my keyboard. A quick google search gave me this, which worked:

Hold Alt then press 0 1 7 6 in order, then release Alt to get " ° ".

Not too difficult and fairly easy to remember.

I like to post new things that I learn so I can refer to my blog at a later time for reference.


Learned something useful and new today...

Make sure to read all info before performing the task in full.

If you ever forget your password to log onto Windows this site's tool is very helpful:

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

You first need to click on "Bootdisk" in the top left corner to download the tool. Then use a burning program to burn the iso that is found after unzipping/unraring the downloaded file, to a CD. I used PowerISO, which can be downloaded here, to burn the iso(image) to a CD.

You then need to put the newly created CD into the PC of which you forgot the password to. You may have to change the boot order in the BIOS to boot from the CD drive first, unless you are given an option to choose your boot device when your computer starts. Now, just boot from the CD and follow the instructions from the page where the tool was downloaded from.



Start the recovery console. Boot from an installation CD and select R for repair.

Run these commands -
chkdsk c: /r /p
exit (to reboot)

That is it.

You can find his original post HERE

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