Who keepz callin me...?!

I currently do not have caller ID- a service that just adds to much to my unneeded land line. Anyway, I found a free service that might be of interest. This service also works as a screener for incoming calls. It could also come in handy if you have relatives in another state that still pay for long distance phone calls.

So go to this website, you will have to enter the "captcha" code it gives you...I know, I know, I hate it too. Next it will give you the option to choose a city or area code from a drop-down menu. If you are setting this up for out of state relatives, then you need to pick something near them. Otherwise, have fun and pick somewhere completely different from your actual location.

Your next option will allow you to choose the amount of time that this number will last, this makes it a disposable number that will never be used again-according to their terms. You can however make it available for months, you would just need to access your account every once in a while to start the time for another month.

You now need to provide a phone number like your cell or land line for the final destination of the calls to this number. This can be set up later so it goes straight to voice mail, if you want. You also need to provide a valid email address, which comes in handy in case you forget the number that is assigned to you. Read the terms if you really want to-I already did. Just basically do not abuse the service, stop breaking the law asshole!

Go ahead and check the box next to " I Agree (Terms)" and click submit. The next page will display your new number, notice there is an extension that needs to be dialed once it is called. I would suggest calling the number listed under "Record personal greetings...". Record a greeting for your number, which is played before they get connected your real number, as well as a voice mail message-in case you want to send all calls to voice mail.

Try calling your new number with another phone. If you used your cell number, call with your land line or vice versa. It is good idea, so you know how it works.

I would also suggest clicking on this link to manage the options for the number such as; not allowing blocked/restricted calls, blocking possible telemarketers, transfer straight to voice mail, etc. You will need to know both your new number plus the extension and the number that you assigned it to to be able to access these options.

Hope you have fun with this and hope it was not too confusing to follow!



Here is one of the five pages that I look at every time I load up firefox:

If you missed one of your shows and you want to see what happened, chances are very good that you'll find it here.


Please tell me...

How long were you able to stay at the previous site and enjoy the wonderfully catchy tune?

Post your time in the comments for this post. And you can't cheat by turning off the speakers, if you leave the room, turn it up so you can hear it.

Your neighbors might enjoy it as well, so crank it!

stay here

Very addicting, could stick around for days:

Spin Me!

Luck is wished to you!


and another thing

Where have all the pretzels gone...

My city(town) no longer "carries" soft pretzels! What does this mean to me? I now have to go at least an hour out of my way just to get a delicious soft pretzel. I used to be able to get one at the local wally world, but ever since they built their SUPER store, they decided that they were too good for soft pretzels, too good for the snack bar. Now it has an indoor Mcdonald's, with no "playland."

All I want is a local place to get my soft pretzel fix. My wife spent valentine's day looking for such a place in our town, from bakeries to gas stations and grocery stores to restaurants. Not one single place in town "carries" them.

Conspiracy?! I think so.

this site, that site

I just "stumbledupon" this site, very helpful it is:

Your Local Weather

Just enter your zip to get the local temp and weather.

Also, I have been using a firefox extension called Stumbleupon, which can be found here:


If you have Firefox, you can download and install the above extension. Then you will need to setup a free account and go through the various categories to select your interests. Don't worry, you won't be added to some weird newsletter for doing so. After you have selected all or some of your interests, there will be a tool bar that gets added to your firefox browser and there will be a button that says "Stumble!", click it and it will take you to a page based on your interests selected or on that same toolbar locate the label that has "All" as the header and click on the down arrow right next to it to reveal all your categories to highlight and select a specific interest to browse about.

Every time you click on the Stumble! button, you will be taken to a different page based on you interests, and makes browsing the internet much more fun as it will take you to pages which you may have never seen. Once at a page, you can click on the "Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down" buttons to tell Stumble that you either liked or disliked that page and guide you to other pages based on your opinions as well.

Well, that's all for now...until next time....probably next month the way I am going.



Not much today, went in to work early and fortunately ran into no issues. There were no extra calls for problems today, unlike yesterday. I cannot and will not get into the details, but long story short, ended my work day at 11am instead of 2pm for the weekend. I came home, watched about an hour of CES(Consumer Electronics Show) that had been recorded earlier this month. I then fell asleep for about 5 hours until my wife arrived home from work and the grocery store. Now we have Pepsi, but no ice.

Anyway, I am wide awake now and would like to share a couple of links to pages that others might enjoy. I am sick and tired of LOLcats all over the internet, but maybe you aren't, so here is a link to an index of the pics from those sites;

Cats, Cats, and some Cats!

You can click on either 2007 or 2008 and click on their sub-folders to get to the pictures.

Another site I would like to share is something I have been using for several months now. The site is called swaptree and it allows you to list any of your dvd's, cd's, books, or games that you no longer use or want and trade them for something someone else has that you want. All you pay for are shipping costs. You do not have to register a credit card with them, but it saves time to easily print a shipping label directly from their website at less than $3 and item. Try it out;


I guess that is all for now, I have a load of pages that I would like to share later.



You probably will not see much here too frequently, but maybe I will eventually get on a regular blogging schedule. I look forward to seeing what pours out.
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