Who keepz callin me...?!

I currently do not have caller ID- a service that just adds to much to my unneeded land line. Anyway, I found a free service that might be of interest. This service also works as a screener for incoming calls. It could also come in handy if you have relatives in another state that still pay for long distance phone calls.

So go to this website, you will have to enter the "captcha" code it gives you...I know, I know, I hate it too. Next it will give you the option to choose a city or area code from a drop-down menu. If you are setting this up for out of state relatives, then you need to pick something near them. Otherwise, have fun and pick somewhere completely different from your actual location.

Your next option will allow you to choose the amount of time that this number will last, this makes it a disposable number that will never be used again-according to their terms. You can however make it available for months, you would just need to access your account every once in a while to start the time for another month.

You now need to provide a phone number like your cell or land line for the final destination of the calls to this number. This can be set up later so it goes straight to voice mail, if you want. You also need to provide a valid email address, which comes in handy in case you forget the number that is assigned to you. Read the terms if you really want to-I already did. Just basically do not abuse the service, stop breaking the law asshole!

Go ahead and check the box next to " I Agree (Terms)" and click submit. The next page will display your new number, notice there is an extension that needs to be dialed once it is called. I would suggest calling the number listed under "Record personal greetings...". Record a greeting for your number, which is played before they get connected your real number, as well as a voice mail message-in case you want to send all calls to voice mail.

Try calling your new number with another phone. If you used your cell number, call with your land line or vice versa. It is good idea, so you know how it works.

I would also suggest clicking on this link to manage the options for the number such as; not allowing blocked/restricted calls, blocking possible telemarketers, transfer straight to voice mail, etc. You will need to know both your new number plus the extension and the number that you assigned it to to be able to access these options.

Hope you have fun with this and hope it was not too confusing to follow!

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