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This site can find the location of any of your packages being sent or received, no matter what carrier. All you need to do is enter the tracking info in the one single box and it will find it regardless of the carrier.

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Oh Yea

I almost forgot to tell everybody,well maybe just one person, that Beavis and Butthead are making a comeback to television! I did not stutter, they are coming back with "all-new" episodes and I cannot wait-but I have to.


Hey, you should check this out --------> FREE STUFF

I have always enjoyed getting free stuff big and small. I try to find some good sites and might just go that way with my blog. Hey, there's an idea. Nothing like a website about other websites offering free stuff out there yet!


I guess this blogging thing is really panning out. Glad I was able to stick with it and "blog" about something every week-NOT. I look forward to many more weeks where I have nothing to blog about, this is fun.
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