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Where have all the pretzels gone...

My city(town) no longer "carries" soft pretzels! What does this mean to me? I now have to go at least an hour out of my way just to get a delicious soft pretzel. I used to be able to get one at the local wally world, but ever since they built their SUPER store, they decided that they were too good for soft pretzels, too good for the snack bar. Now it has an indoor Mcdonald's, with no "playland."

All I want is a local place to get my soft pretzel fix. My wife spent valentine's day looking for such a place in our town, from bakeries to gas stations and grocery stores to restaurants. Not one single place in town "carries" them.

Conspiracy?! I think so.

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  1. What?????? No playland??? This is hilarious, TODTW. YOu need to post more!!!



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